Are Patients Saying Bad Things About You?
Successful endoscopic surgeon shares his Simple 5-Step Process to grow your practice online!
"Is there a reason to protect and promote my practice on the web?"
The short answer to this question is a resounding, YES! 

Wouldn’t you like to have a system in place that worked 24/7 to promote your practice and generate a constant stream of new patients into your office complimenting your regular referral sources? 

This is precisely what a properly constructed brand and reputation online can do for you.
Get Started With These 5 Principles:
The Common Myths of Marketing Your Medical Practice Online

1. Marketing Is Optional.

It is NOT. Finishing your surgical training is one thing, but how are people going to know about it?  You have to get patients through the door.

2. General Ads Are Okay.

General Ads are expensive and ill-performing! 
If there's anything I've learned about digital marketing it is that SPECIFICITY is key!  If you do something specific, look for that specific audience!

3. The Platform Will Guarantee Success.

Youtube, Facebook, Google, these are all platforms we use to get our name and message out.  They are the medium. You need to learn to craft your message for the right medium to ensure success.

4. You Have To Be A Tech Wiz or Guru.

This is also wrong. Throughout the years I have developed contacts and connections I trust to handle my websites and marketing online.
Finally there is great advice on how to best use the internet for practicing physicians! - Machelle S.

This is a researched and proven compilation of information on marketing your medical practice. - Chris K, MD
The fact is that once you have a website, you're already marketing.
We, medical professionals, once defined ourselves by the way the academic world evaluated and distinguished us. Your medical practice is a business that is now evaluated, in large part, by how people respond to you on the Internet. It’s about your online communication about what you do and what you offer. This is the bulk of what constitutes your marketing in 2017.

It's not just about the text and words. Prospective patients will be comparing the look and feel of your website to that of other physicians, and they will look at your ranking on the organic side (the nonpaid information) of the Google pages. Your website is a presentation of you and your practice and it’s up front and center. You have only moments (seconds if you’re lucky) to attract and hold someone’s attention, so you must engage your viewer right away or your potential patient will click away and be gone.
You need to be monitoring your reputation.
Your online reputation is now more important than ever as 90% of consumers have reported being influenced by a review or testimonial that they have read online.  Word-of-mouth now includes the internet with the massive growth of Social Media.

A year ago we thought, “wouldn’t it be nice” to have an organized approach to manage our reputation online? Maybe get a few more good comments and get rid of those negative reviews.

What used to be “Nice to have” is a “Need to have” today. You simply must stay on top of your online reputation to stay ahead of the game. This is more important than ever, as more people look at other’s experiences to guide their own decisions.

Potential patients are not the only ones looking at your reputation. Google thinks it is important too. Google will reward a “better” reputation with better “local ranking”.  A systematic approach to “shine up your reputation” is critical in today’s world.
If you've taken the course, or are ready to start marketing NOW,
I have partnered and built a relationship with an agency that will provide you with a free local snapshot report that will show a detailed overview of how you look online.  The report will identify all your current weaknesses and expose details even you may not know about concerning your online appearance and reputation.
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